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5677 SE 60th St.
Galena, Ks. 66739

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Our passion is engineering & fabricating custom Titanium Ducati motorcycle frames, exhausts and components. We have over twenty years' experience designing and fabricating with Titanium, Inconel, aluminum and steel. If your Ducati needs it, we can build it.



Frequently Asked Questions

    Are all of your products custom made?

    Yes and no. We routinely develop parts & components to fit specific Ducati models without requiring custom specifications. However, as each product is made to order, we can custom-tailor any product we sell to suit a buyer's specific needs.

    Do you only use Titanium for your frames?

    We primarily use Titanium for our Ducati frames due to its superior strength & weight characteristics. However, if a customer requests a specific frame material (e.g. Chromoly 4130) for their project, we will accommodate their needs. Note: The use of metals/alloys other than Titanium does not necessarily constitute a lower cost to produce the frame or component. We price our products very conservatively based on the time & effort required to produce them.